The following demonstrations are accepted for presentation during the demonstration session at the 18th IEEE International EDOC Conference (EDOC'14) in Ulm, Germany:

  • Johannes Binder, Stephan Strodl and Andreas Rauber: Process Migration Framework - Virtualising and documenting business processes
  • Keith Swenson: Demo: Cognoscenti     
  • Emem Umoh and Pedro Sampaio: The ‘REFINTO’ Framework and Tool: Supporting Business-IT Alignment in Enterprise Financial Application Development
  • Carolina Ming Chiao, Vera Kuenzle, Kevin Andrews and Manfred Reichert: A Tool for Supporting Object-Aware Processes
  • Abid Hussain and Ravi K. Vatrapu: Social Data Analytics Tool (SODATO)
  • Mariano Belaunde, Nicolas Pellen and Frederique Pinson: SNAP: An End User Service Composition Tool based on Recommendations
  • Ta'Id Holmes: Facilitating Development and Provisioning of Service Topologies through Domain Specific Languages